Facebook Policy

Facebook Wall Administration

“Posts” include comments, pictures, videos, links, notes, discussions, or anything else that can be added to the EvaluWise Facebook page by someone other than an EvaluWise page administrator.

  1.  Page administrators or their designees have the discretion to remove wall posts that run counter to EvaluWise’s purpose of providing service in teacher evaluations.
  2.  Anything that is a “bad application”, “spam”, or unauthorized advertising for a company or individual, will be removed from the EvaluWise’s wall.
  3. Anything considered to be obscene or inappropriate by EvaluWise page administrators will be removed.
  4. EvaluWise is not a political organization.  Posts that either favor or are unflattering to a political party or an individual based on that individual’s politics will be removed.
  5. Posts that are disparaging to an individual or group of people will be removed.
  6. Abuses of this policy may result in being blocked from any further  access.
  7. Policies are subject to updating/change.