Making Teacher Evaluation Manageable. Effective. Streamlined. Easy.

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More Manageble 

EvaluWise organizes and simplifies your observations and evidence

Effective Evaluations

Organized evidence helps you give targeted feedback to your staff.

Assures Compliance

Aligned to your school/district rubric or framework. Customized to your needs.

Let EvaluWise® Simplify Your Evaluation Process

EvaluWise® is the single most effective digital tool for streamlining and improving the teacher evaluation process, regardless of the evaluation model you are using. This tool makes data entry as simple and easy as possible. Built from the ground up by administrators and teachers who understand the real-world demands of educators, EvaluWise® improves the accuracy, usefulness and effectiveness of both formal and summative teacher evaluations as well as classroom walkthroughs.


The Core Features

Organized Evidence

Scripting, form responses, artifacts all paired to indicators to help you make informed decisions.

Summarized Process

Observations and summatives summarized data throughout the process to see all evidence along the way. 

Customer Support

Excellent support ready to assist you immediately, not days away.

Evaluation Checklists

Create checklists of what needs to be completed for each evauation so nothing gets missed.

Custom Forms

Customizable forms built to allow you to have all your school/district's requirements.

Rubric Neutral

Use any rubric framework aligned to your school, district, or state standards.

Electronic Signatures

Sign off electronically on all your forms, observations and summatives.

Aligned Scripting

Pair your classroom scripting to your rubric for seamless alignment and summarization of your observations.

Peer Evaluation Forms

Create peer evaluation forms to allow your staff to observe and give each other feedback.

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